17 Jul 2013

My Lunette Menstrual Cup Review

This is my review of the Lunette menstrual cup.

First of all I'm going to give you some basic info:

•Lunette is made in Finland of medical-grade silicone

•it's FDA approved, the colours used are 100% safe and free of heavy metals

•it's designed with a smooth cup lining for easy cleaning

•the texture is kind of velvety to the touch

•it presents a flat easy-to grip stem and 3 grip rings at the bottom of the cup which result really helpful for the extraction

•it shows 4 suctions holes on the very top next to the rim which allow to make the most of the capacity

•it's available in clear and in four colours

•it's available in two sizes: size 1 and size 2

Size 1

diameter                       41mm

total lenght                   66mm

lenght without stem        47mm

stem                             25mm

capacity to the air holes   21ml

capacity to the rim           25ml

not as stiff as size 2

Size 2

diameter                        46mm

total lenght                    72mm

lenght without stem        52mm

stem                             20mm

capacity to the air holes   26ml

capacity to the rim           30ml

stiffer then size 1

Lunette size 1 is recommended for women with light to moderate flow, young girls or women who have never had intercourse or that haven't given birth; the size 2 is for women who have a normal or heavier flow or/and have given birth. 
Also, contrary to many other brands, the size 1 is softer then size 2 as you can see on the following pic where I compare the stiffness of the two sizes and the diameter of the rims. 

The Lunette menstrual cup can be used continuously for up to 12 hours, it's hypoallergenic and safe.
Can be easily cleaned by washing it with a mild liquid soap or placing in boiling water for 5 minutes.

You can also use Lunette washing liquid or wipes, personally I love the Lunette wipes, they are a quick and easy way of cleaning the cup on the go and they have been a real life safer in many occasions. 

Lunette cup looks kind of "frosty" and the texture it's quite velvety and very smooth, it only shows two very subtle measuring lines; the Lunette logo and "Made in Finland" situated along the top ridge (just under the rim) are cleverly printed on the outside of the cup to avoid trapping any eventual blood residue.

I received my Lunette menstrual cups in both sizes together with a lovely satiny storing pouch, the instructions sheet, some very useful Q&A booklets and lots of stickers, which I always enjoy receiving (if you are a secret spammer you know why ;) Shhhh!) 

When I received my two cups I sterilised them boiling them for 5 min. I usually do that with all my cups as soon as take them off the package, then when I'm going to use a cup on my period I prefer to sterilise it in the microwave for 2/3 minutes.

The cups arrived in perfect time for my period, I tried the size 1 first, I wore it for the night and the first day, then I tried the size 2.

With both sizes I used the punch-down fold, I smeared all the rim and the longer side of the cup with water based lubricant.

Then I inserted the cup, with the folded side facing the back of my body as the back wall of the vagina is softer and the cup opens easily.

The insertion was amazingly easy, Lunette menstrual cup pops open very easily, without causing pain or problems, it create a strong seal and it is very comfortable.
I found comfortable both sizes, I couldn't feel them at all, personally the only difference I found (apart from the stiffness) it's about the capacity, that's why I prefer to use the size 1 on the first and last days when the flow is lighter and the size 2 on the heaviest days. 
The suction seal created is quite strong, one of the stronger I've ever experienced compared to other menstrual cups, but probably that's why I didn't have any leak at all.

Taking the cup off it's as easy as insert it, because of the strong seal you need to pinch the bottom quite firmly and you may also need to slightly press one side of the cup with a fingertip too but nothing too tricky. 

My opinion about Lunette menstrual cups is really positive, easy to use and easy to clean, you can tell the silicone is of really good quality, all the colours available are very pretty  and I love the fact that are FDA approved.
I suggest Lunette to any woman, even as a first menstrual cup as it pops open very easily and it's an good quality cup.
Lunette is one of the stiffer cup available in the market but that doesn't make it uncomfortable, on the contrary that's why it opens so easily.
What I personally love the most about Lunette are the soft "velvety" texture and the grip rings which make the extraction really easy.

At the moment Lunette is available clear and in four colours: blue Selene, purple Cynthia, coral Áine and green Diana, keep in mind though that the purple Cynthia is now been changed with a new brighter purple colour and soon the green Diana won't be available anymore but it'll be replaced with new exciting colour in August...looks like we are going to have a yellow Lunette! (thank you Teresa at Feminine Wear for the tip!) Can't wait to see it! 
I guess that you may still be able to purchase the classic purple Cynthia and maybe the green Diana but you have to be quick!

This a video made by Lunette that shows how to fold the cup using the punch-down technique which is the one I use but there are many more demonstrative videos on YouTube to show more techniques. 

I want to thank Eija and Mari at Lunette as they have been so gracious to allow me to test and review the Lunette menstrual cups.

Lunette menstrual cups can be purchased on-line through:

Lunette website  http://www.lunette.com/ 

Luxury Moon      http://luxurymoon.co.uk/

Feminine Wear    http://www.femininewear.co.uk/

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid for this review, I received the item subject of this post for review purposes only, All the opinions about the product are my own and based on my personal experience, I wasn't required in any way to provide a positive review. 

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  1. I think I've narrowed my decision down to the Lunette or Fleurcup. I really have no idea how wide it needs to be to create a firm seal, and I think the Fleurcup is a tad larger in diameter.