10 Aug 2013

Si-bell Menstrual Cup : My review

I'm excited every time I get a new cup but I'm proper thrilled for the one I'm going to talk you about today: the Si-bell menstrual cup

I've always thought of the Si-bell as a luxurious cup, I like the shape very much and the fact that it's manufactured in Italy by the Si-line, a French company with over ten years of experience in mastering silicone made products, so when the parcel arrived at my door I was buzzing, and when I open it I definitely knew that I was right.

The Si-bell menstrual cup is made of 100% medical grade silicone platinum, is hypoallergenic and latex free and comes in a recycled cardboard box together with two leaflets printed in several languages.

The cup comes also inside a storing pouch which can be made of un-bleached cotton or silicone. 

Si-bell is available in translucent and in a limited edition pink colour and it comes in two sizes, small and large. 

Small Si-bell

  • diameter                       41mm
  • lenght                          74mm
  • cup length                     47mm
  • stem                             27mm
  • capacity to the air holes   21 ml 

Large Si-bell

  • diameter                        46mm
  • lenght                           74mm
  • cup lenght                      52mm
  • stem                             22mm
  • capacity to the air holes   30 ml 

The choice of sizes are defined by two criteria: age and maternity history.
Size small is for women under 30 yo and for women under 30 yo that have given birth by cesarean section.
Size large is for women over 30 yo and for women of any age that have given birth vaginally.

The Si-bell as the name suggest it's bell shaped, it looks frosty and translucent, it's very pleasant to the touch, the texture is kind of velvety and remind me of a peach skin, it's completely smooth, it doesn't show any prints so that it can't trap any blood residue resulting very easy to clean.

Because of the absence of measurement lines I measured the capacity myself (also the instruction leaflet doesn't say anything about it), using a graduated syringe and filling the cups with water to the air holes. 

On the outside the cup has four ridges, one on all four sides, that go all the way down the cup and help to grip and fold the cup when taking it out. 
The suction release holes are four, two close together in one side of the cup and two close together to the other side.

One thing I really like about Si-bell is the stem, it's quite long and has some very helpful grip rings and a little ball on the tip, it's also very flexible, so it shouldn't cause any discomfort if it hangs out of the vagina but it can easily be trimmed.

I've tried the Large cup first, using the punch-down fold and adding a little lubricant I was able to insert it easily but I struggled a bit to get it pop open, as often happen when using really soft cup especially if you have very tonic vaginal muscles, then I tried again pushing the folded cup all the way and letting it go once all inside instead then halfway as I always do with other cups. The Small Si-bell though popped open straight away as it's a bit stiffer hence more springy.

Taking the cup out it's easy and quick ,I simply grip the stem, gently rock it down to reach the base of the cup and pinch it to break the vacuum seal, Si-bell is so soft that it's really easy to fold the cup using the thumb and the index finger to to avoid to take it out completely open. 

My experience with Si-bell is extremely positive, I really love the cup, it's soft, smooth and delicate and I cannot feel it all while wearing it, I find really easy to insert it or taking it out; I like to wear the large cup on the first and second day of my period and then the small cup on the last days and I never experienced any leak in any case.

You can definitely tell that Si-line is a well established company with years of experience behind, the cups are very well made with quality silicone; my cups came with silicone pouches which looks lovely and add a luxurious feel and which can be sterilised together with the cup in boiling water.   

The clear translucent cup comes with a white silicone pouch and the pink limited edition cup comes with a pearlescent pouch and a pink silicone necklace! 
(keep in mind that the basic cup comes with an organic cotton pouch and they charge about two pounds for the silicone one)

I reckon that Si-bell is one of the softest menstrual cups available so I'd recommend it to all girls and women whom are quite sensitive and are looking for a "gentle" cup or as first menstrual cup, in this case I'd suggest to go for a small size as it's a bit easier to use.
I'd say that Si-bell is one of the best menstrual cups on the market and definitely one of my favourites. 

I'd like to thank Nabila from the Si-line company as she kindly provided me with the material to test and review.

If you have tried Si-bell let me know what you think about it, I'd love to hear your opinion. :)

Si-bell menstrual cup can be purchased on-line directly from the Si-line company 

or through 
Feminine Wear 
Luxury Moon

All the opinions about the product are my own, I was not required in any way to provide a positive review.  



  1. Hello!

    Just one question. how does the small si-bell compare to a classic meluna in small?

    1. Hi turtlegirl! sorry for the delay, I wrote a short post to answer your request, if you need more cups comparison feel free to ask :)
      (I'm sure if the following link works but you can find the cups comparison posted in the blog)