31 Jul 2014

Lady Days Cloth Pads _ Giveaway!

The lovely Helen at Lady Days Cloth Pads has very kindly donated a Special Edition mini pad to give away to one of you :) 

You can find all the info relative to this pad here on my review.

Although the one I reviewed has different colours it's basically the same pad: 7.5" long, 2.5" wide at the gusset, OBV topped, fleece backed, 1 layer of zorb. 

Here it is

Apologise about this pic as it doesn't do justice this pad, the fleece is a lovely plum colour but thanks to the British sunlight you can't really tell. 

Lady Days Cloth Pads - 7.5" Special Edition

Hi there! This review is going to be short and sweet as the pretty liner I'm going to talk to you about. 

About a two months ago I made my first purchase on the Lady Days Cloth Pads website, I had my eyes on Lady Days Cloth Pads for a long time and when the new Special Edition pads were launched I knew it was time for an addition to my stash. 

26 Jun 2014

Period PantEEZ

"After purchasing brand new sheets, I found myself sleeping on itchy, uncomfortable towels that bunched up throughout the night, in hopes to protect my beautiful sheets, after an extremely restless and uncomfortable night, when I was sitting quietly, my"Aha!" moment came to me, and I immediately began to create Period PantEEZ!"  
                                                                _Vida, Period PantEEZ creator_

Vida is the woman behind the ingenious Period PantEEZ

It took her five years of hard work to improve the initial idea and bring the product to the market as it is nowadays, revolutionising women's intimate wear since. Period Panteez are designed and engineered by healthcare professionals and OB/GYN recommended. 

I've been lucky enough to try Period Panteez and I think I know why they've quickly become a women favourite.
Period Panteez give you great peace of mind as they offer extreme protection, they're super comfy, work well as shapewear (which I find great!) and soothe cramps.

I didn't believe it was possible but they work. 

12 May 2014

Pretty Eco Intimates Giveaway!

Last week I said to my Facebook followers that I would have brought a super pretty giveaway if I reached 200 like on my page before the end of the week, well I didn't but as I love to make you happy, here it is! 

I've teamed up with Natalia from Pretty Eco Intimates as I love her creations so much (you can read my review here ) to offer you the chance to win one flared 8 inch moderate cloth pad in the beautiful Paris Pin Up print and a coordinated pad wrap. 

11 May 2014

Pretty Eco Intimates - My Review

Pretty Eco Intimates cloth pads are prettier, more comfortable, cooler, healthier, affordable and economical as well as environmentally friendly. I use quality materials to ensure they are long lasting, practical, durable and comfortable.   Natalia MacIntyre. 

Towards the end of December I was lucky enough to win a custom pad by Pretty Eco Intimates  (aka PEI) entering a multi vendors Christmas trivia contest on Facebook, I can still remember the question that brought me to win the prize: "list the names of Santa's reindeer" LOL   
It was a lovely Christmas present because I had my eyes on PEI for a while and having the opportunity to customise the pad has made the winning even more special. 
I chose a 9 inch moderate in a beautiful trees and birds print cotton print but I also asked the owner, Natalia, if she could have made an extra panty liner (which of course I paid for), she kindly agreed so I got a small liner to use for backup to menstrual cups.
These are the pads that I got:

      Summer Song 9" moderate and Geekly Chiq on black 6" Itty Bitty liner


When I got in touch with Natalia I immediately noticed what a nice person she is, then after few weeks I couldn't believe it when I received an email saying that I was the (very) lucky winner of two PEI pads! Amazingly I won one more contest, this time a giveaway hosted by Laura of Mama Pure blog  and the prize were two 10 inch heavy pads and again I got the opportunity to pick the prints/fabrics I like the most. 

Yes, I must be on a winning roll :) (I'm don't even want to say out loud though LOL) but that's the thing: Natalia is always very keen to  offer her fabulous creations for contests and giveaways so the chance you can grab one are very high.  

That's how Natalia is though: a kind, helpful and accommodating lady, she's a pleasure to deal with, and this is for me a big yes when looking for a vendor, it's not only about pretty things in my opinion but it's also supporting a worthy person/business. 

For my second winning I told Natalia I'd have preferred to get one heavy and one moderate and again she said it was fine. 
At that point Pretty Eco Intimates had a even wider choice of prints to choose from, so after having spent a whole week browsing the impressive Custom Fabric Gallery  on the website and even getting my partner involved - bless him! - we finally picked these two prints:

           Sushi-10" moderate and Dragonfly Red Stained Glass -10" heavy 

                       (image credit: Pretty Eco Intimates)

Since I got the pads the variety of prints available is even wider and makes you want to get tons of fluff! By the way, I choose the Sushi fabric and the Dragonfly Red Stained Glass is the one my partner picked. He has good taste, I know ;) 

Both parcels arrived very quickly, even though the first shipment has happened during the holiday season the parcel has arrived in about 10/12 days, while the second one took less than a week to arrive from Prince Edward Island to Britain which is more than a reasonable time. 
The following pic shows the second package I received but then I'm showing you all the PEI pads I own. 

All Pretty Eco Intimates pads have an inner core of organic bamboo/hemp fleece and are backed with micro-fleece which is water resistant therefore protects against eventual leaks, the snaps are in poly resin applied with KAM snap pliers. My PEI pads are all 100% cotton topped but you can choose also flannel and cotton, as I said you are spoiled for choices. 

The smaller pad Natalia make is the 6 inch Itty Bitty liner, it's super trim, once snapped it's 2.5" at its widest and 2.1" at its narrower, perfect for petite ladies, this is one of my favourite liners ever, you can't even tell that you are wearing it as it's so thin and comfy! I love it, it's perfect either for everyday use and as back up for menstrual cups or sponges.

My other PEI pads are 9" and 10" moderate which have one layer of bamboo/hemp fleece and a 10" heavy which contain two layers. Two layers are enough if your period is generous and keep the pad very trim, as you can see in the pic on the left the last pad in blue is the 10" heavy and is VERY thin for an heavy pad! The core is highly absorbent, and a moderate in my case works great for good part of my period, that's why I specifically asked to have a 10" mod although it may sound unusual. 

As I said PEI pads are very trim and work great for small sizes, the all come with two snaps, all my pads once snapped are 2.5" or 2.1".
They are very neatly topstitched and the quilting works great to direct the flow. By the way the quilted side is the one that goes next to the skin (I had already people asking me about it). 

About Pretty Eco Intimates 

Natalia as I told you before is a really nice lady, she's a stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur, she's very down-to-earth and has always had a great passion for the environment, so after cloth diapering her gorgeous little girl Eden (love that name!) she was inspired to try cloth pads and then decided to open her little shop. Thanks God I say! Quickly enough her brand became a very well known name and a favourite of many cloth pads lovers, definitely a favourite of mine too. 

I will definitely buy again from Natalia, my experience with her pads is great, they work very well and they are extremely comfortable, that's their main feature in my opinion besides being SO pretty! 
Just in case you need an extra reason to get some PEI pads you should know then that all the customers get a 10% discount on the next purchase.

You can see and buy Natalia's creations through Pretty Eco intimates website , she also makes pad wrappers, menstrual cup bags and coasters. 

Disclaimer: I haven't been paid for this review, I won some of the pads on a giveaway and purchased the other. All the opinions about the product are my own and based on my personal experience, I wasn't required in any way to provide a positive review. 

8 May 2014

Cups Comparison - Si-bell

This one want to be a quick post to compare the small Si-bell with other other menstrual cups, I'll update the post time to time adding more pics. 
I'm going to compare the small Si-bell pink limited edition with a small Meluna classic (orange), a reader asked me if i could take few pics of the two together and compare them so here they are.

If any of you out there have a specific request feel free to ask, I'm always happy to snap pics of my cups, or cloth pads. Yes, I'm a cupaholic, and a paddict, a rumpaholic I'd say, but I guess that if you are here then you are one too! ;)  

4 May 2014

Femmecup Special Giveaway

As promised on my Facebook page I'm going to host my first Giveaway

I especially wanted a Giveaway to thank all my followers on Fb, Twitter and Pinterest who have been loyal to me during the time I haven't being able to be active on the blog, so giveaway is going to be extra special and keep in mind that this is the first one but I have more coming ahead so stay tuned! 

So to thank you all Menstrual Cups Diary has teamed up with Femmecup to bring you an awesome giveaway where you can win not one but two Femmecup!

Yes you've heard it right,

2 May 2014

Femme Cup: One Size One Love

I want to talk about a menstrual cup I got a few months ago, the Femmecup ,I received it in a fun pink package all the way from London! 

First thing I noticed it was that the package itself had written on it "Environmentally Friendly Bags-this product is guaranteed 100% biodegradable" so I was very pleasantly surprised, it's nice to see a company so committed to their ethic to choose to support their cause under any single aspect of their business.  

Inside the package I found a few paper stickers to use to spam toilets, which I love to do! (always ask for permission before though!) there was a window cling sticker, a pen, a sample cup to show people about if you want to spread the word about menstrual cup.

2 Dec 2013

Crimson Wave Cloth Shop

I've been away for a while but I'm baaack! 

I'm so happy today 'cause I've received the my winning from the Purple Bless You Giveaway by Cassandra Benz. Thank you Cassandra and thank you to all the lovely shop owners who took part to it!

24 Sept 2013

Join the She28campaign

I've just stumbled upon a video and I wanted to share it out, I also suggest you to do likewise and spread the word. 
The video has been made by she28campaign which is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 and whose mission is to improve the quality of people's lives in develping countries addressing social and healh problems. 
she stand for sustainable health enterprise. 

"At she, we believe that a girl's life does not have to stop every 28 days because of her menstrual cycle. Missing up to 50 days of school or work is not only a "blood cost" to women and girls, but to their families, communities, and nations as a whole."

21 Sept 2013

Eco Femme Cloth Pads - My review

One of the first brands of cloth pads that really caught my eyes is EcoFemme.

I've always loved that sort of exotic Indian fabrics that remind me those seventies hippie style boho tunics, kaftans and fair trade Indian bags, well the Eco Femme pads are made of beautiful Indian fabrics and soon as I saw them on-line I liked them straight away. 

Another reason why I was eager to try them out is because of the project behind the product itself.

Eco Femme is a global women's empowerment project promoting healthier, dignified and eco-friendly menstrual practises, it was created in 2009 in Auroville  a village in the south of India by a team of 11 wonderful women-the Eco Femmes -with big hearts driven by the will of breaking the silence and the shame around the menstruation in rural India and creating a connection between women around the world through a topic common to us all.

"The Eco Femme project empowers women in the areas of environment, education and livelihood"